August 1-21, 2006

Courses and Activities: The Summer School in St. Petersburg will be a three-week academic/cultural event organized by the Center for Russian Studies of the Department of International Relations of Bilkent University in collaboration with the State University of St. Petersburg. Its program consists of 64 academic hours of lectures, seminars and museum tours. Especially at the beginning there will be tours/excursions in St. Petersburg. Trips to other important centers like Novgorod or Moscow will be organized if there is a request.


The basic courses through the program are as follows:

         Russian Political History: The St. Petersburg Perspective

         Basics of Modern Russian Literature

         Business Environment in St. Petersburg and Contemporary Russia

         Culture of St. Petersburg

         Russian Foreign Politics


Language: The program will be conducted in English. There is no need to know the Russian language to participate. However if you know Russian, this event will be a good opportunity to improve your language skills.

Eligible to Apply: Students and researchers who are interested in Russia and Russian studies.

How to Apply: There must be a direct contact with the program coordinator, Dr. Hasan Ali Karasar, via the addresses and numbers given below. Deadline for applications is July 10th 2006

For Application and More Information

Please Contact:     

Dr. Hasan Ali KARASAR

Center for Russian Studies

Department of 

International Relations

Bilkent University, Ankara/Turkey

Phone:     + 90 312 290 21 77

Fax:         + 90 312 266 43 26




                  Organizing Institutions                                                  


   State University of                   Center for Russian Studies

         St. Petersburg                               Bilkent University              



                   Generously supported by


    Turkish Cooperation and Development Agency