“The Gıdı Gıdı – A Different Kind of Train”

18 December 2018 – Director Yasin Ali Türkeri visited Bilkent to show and discuss his documentary film, “Başka Tren Gıdı Gıdı” (The Gıdı Gıdı). The film was released in 2018 and tells the story of the Nazilli Sümerbank Textile factory that was built with Soviet assistance in the 1930s. The documentary approaches the story through

Visit by Etienne Peyrat (Sciences Po, Paris)

31 October 2018 – Etienne Peyrat (Centre d’histoire de Sciences Po, Paris) visited Bilkent and spoke with graduate students from the IR department about his research. The conversation covered his work on the Soviet Union and Iran, and the role of the Soviet republics in international relations.