Rogues and Revolutionaries: Young Turks and the Global Order after WWI

18 October 2021 – In the second GMES seminar this year, we will host Michael Reynolds and Alp Yenen, who will each present new research on the formation of the modern Middle East during the Ottoman Empire’s collapse and the establishment of post-Ottoman states. Both scholars are currently working on the Young Turks: Reynolds is

Worlds Apart: A Documentary History of US-Iranian Relations, 1978-2018

21 September 2021 – In the first panel of the Global Middle East Seminar Series for the Fall 2021 semester, authors Malcolm Byrne and Kian Byrne discussed their new book, Worlds Apart: A Documentary History of U.S.-Iranian Relations, 1978-2018 (Cambridge University Press, 2021). In this unique history, Byrne and Byrne put the records first to

Challenging the Norms of Warfare: Historical Perspectives from Yemen and Iraq

3 June 2021 – In the fifth iteration of the Global Middle East Seminar series, founded by the Woodrow Wilson Center’s History and Public Policy Program and Bilkent University’s Center for Russian Studies, renowned historian Joseph Sassoon and Wilson Center Fellow Asher Orkaby sat down with Michael Brill, Ph.D. candidate in the Department of Near Eastern

The Cold War in the Middle East or the Middle East in the Cold War?

5 April 2021 – in the third event in the Global Middle East Seminar Series, co-organized with the Wilson Center, Lorenz Lüthi joined us to discuss his book, Cold Wars: Asia, The Middle East, Europe  (Cambridge, 2020). Lüthi was joined by Guy Laron, Alexander Shelby, and Eliza Gheorghe to discuss the parts of his book that

The History of Nuclear Politics in the Middle East

4 March 2021 – In the second event of the Global Middle East Seminar Series, Mahsa Rouhi and Hassan Elbahtimy led a panel on the history of nuclear politics in the Middle East, focusing on Iran and Egypt. They were joined by discussants Or Rabinowitz and Eliza Gheorghe. A recording of the event is available for

Diplomacy, Discord, and Turkish Politics Since World War II

11 February 2021 – At the first event of the Global Middle East Seminar Series, Suzy Hansen and James Ryan joined Onur İşçi to talk about his recently published book Turkey and the Soviet Union during the Second World War: Diplomacy, Discord and International Relations (I.B. Tauris: 2019). The event can be viewed here.  

Andrei Fursov on Capitalism

23 October 2019 – Dr. Andrei Il’ich Fursov of Moscow State University delivered a lecture: “Capitalism: Terminal Crisis of the Most Enigmatic Social System.”  

Conference: New Middle East Sources

17 October 2019 – the Bilkent Center for Russian Studies hosted a conference on the Cold War in the Middle East, organized together with the Wilson Center’s History and Public Policy Program. Prominent academics from Iraq, Israel, Turkey, the United Kingdom, and the United States spoke over the course of the day on subjects ranging

Turkey and the New Cold War

20 May – Journalist Murat Yetkin visited CRS and delivered a talk (in Turkish) titled “Turkey and the New Cold War.” Mr. Yetkin has written several books on espionage and began his talk with intelligence stories that emphasized Turkey’s entanglement in the complexities of the first Cold War. Mr. Yetkin went on to reflect on